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your emotional kit

Many of us live with a strong connection to our external body. We see our external, we feel it, we hear it; others see, feel and hear it too. We use our external, our physical body, to greet the world, it looks back at us when we glance in the mirror and it forms a huge part of our personal identity. We are judged on it. We are complemented or criticized on it. Therefore, we tend to give our external a lot more love than our internal. When we look into healing, although pain may manifest externally, the root cause is almost always an emotional pain that has become lodged in the subtle body (unless caused by a trauma where the physical body has been damaged). These emotional blocks store inside the body until they start to cause pain. Facing our emotions and tracing them back to the trigger helps to remove such blockages from within our present day; it is when the healing begins.

This journey is not as straightforward as a physical examination, some tablets or rest though, it needs emotional healing.

When we suffer from physical pain, a short-term improvement can be sought. We take an aspirin. We have a massage. There might be an operation. But more often than not the pain returns, and it returns time and time again. When the pain has been gradual, arising over time, and not the result of a sudden injury or break, it is likely to be an energetic block in the body that is showing itself as physical pain. Dr. Bradley Nelson, a renowned holistic physician and lecturer who features in “E-Motion” — a factual documentary that explores how our emotions affect the physical body — says that “90% of the pain the body feels is due to trapped emotions”.

To reconnect with our truth requires space, stillness and some slowing-down of the mind in order to be honest with how and who we are. But, in our busy lives this rarely happens, so the power of the mind can easily mislead us into a false sense of happiness, hiding our truth through external distraction. Our mind attaches to glimmers of happiness from external sources to mask a trapped emotion. Remedying our suffering by doing things which provide temporary relief from emotional pain through sex, games, drugs, alcohol, TV, films and life on social media, to make us forget about a past experience, a current relationship or present life situation that is the cause of our emotional blocks.

We are taught to resist things that don’t feel good, rather than feel them. But, when physical pain arises, it is the body crying out to tell us that something is wrong. Avoiding the real issue (the emotional pain) will only “bring more suffering in the future (physical pain) because the truth is being hidden”. Consequently, our suffering is “compounded and causes layers of trauma to build up in our emotional bodies”, which then manifests as pain in the physical body. Meaning that if external factors only provide us with a temporary state of relief or a false sense of happiness, we need to start looking inside rather than outside for true healing.

When a painful truth is left unsaid, the emotional energy attached to this pain festers inside the body causing emotional blocks — this is when the physical pain appears. Secret should be a rare thing, not the norm, but “it’s become the norm to remedy our suffering through pretending we are ok” because, well, it is easier. It might be easier but, if we continue to hide away then we will never heal. Sharing this quote with us from Joseph Campbell: “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”,

Carlyn Beccia

Annie Tanasugarn, PhD

Peter Preskar

David Hartle


Joe Procopio

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