How to deal with people you hate

Deal with people you hate

Love has the power to overcome everything. The power of love is so immense and intense that it can supersede any other emotion and feeling that one has. Love is in direct co-relation with the laws of vibration and the pull that love creates, has the most draw. Hate, just as love, at the opposite end of the spectrum, can have similar consequences but may be overcome with the purity of love. Love creates harmony and vibrations and clears away the distortion field around an individual, hence cleansing him of bad energies that may be sent your way. “Feel love and you will see the world melt away” quoted a famous Catalunian Poet Alphonse Ramirez as he wrote folklore of love and defiance in 17th Century Spain.

Visualize a speeding car charging down at you at 320 kmph, the first instinct will be to move away from it than face it head on. Similarly, when someone is sending you negative energies and has tremendous hatred towards someone, what would you do? A. One could return the hatred with hatred and make the situation possibly much worse. B. Start sending love towards the person and feel the situation completely reverse itself over the course of time. Feels funny, however that is how the energy fields around us work. It’s like a math problem with a positive outcome only. Negativity can only be squared with positivity and love is the ultimate source of positivity. Send love and the universe will send you manifold of what you give.

Judgement often gets clouded when one gets a negative feeling and we start reacting towards a situation subconsciously even before the physical aspect has manifested. Judging a situation is the true character of anyone’s mental strength and ability to handle instinct, our first reaction is to imagine the worst possible outcome or emotion first and we instantly start emitting a negative vibe which possibly make the situation even worse. Negativity has such immense draw on our psyche that it instantly clings on. Start re-programming your mind to do the opposite. It will be difficult at first, but the more corrective you are of your thought process, the more unimaginable will start appearing in your life.Its mostly a gentle nudge that is required, more like a thought detour in your mind and you will start seeing results instantly.

The second phase of this re-conditioning is to stop feeling negativity about anyone or anything. You start loving everything and feel no hatred or bias towards anyone. This will keep you in an energy field that will in due course of time start repelling all negativity and attract positive emotions only. You will start becoming a cocoon of positive emotions and only positivity will be reeled in. People around you will start becoming more appreciative of you and those who did not see you in a positive light will earlier, will turn into ardent admirers. Laws of vibration at its finest display and you are the one who can make all the difference.

Feel the love and see the world around you melt away!!

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