Know the truth about yourself

The aim of self image psychology is not to create a fictitious self that is all powerful ,arrogantly ,egoistic and all important. Such an image is as inappropriate and unrealistic as the inferior image of self. Our aim is to find the real self and to bring our mental images of ourselves more in line with the object represented by our goals. However it is common knowledge among psychologists that most of us underrate ourselves short change ourselves and sell ourselves short. Actually there is no such things as superiority complex. People who seems to have one are actually suffering from feelings of inferiority their superior self is a fiction a cover up to hide from themselves and other their deep down feelings of inferiority and insecurity.

How can you know the truth about yourself? How can you make a true evaluation? It seems to me that here psychology must turn to religion. The Scriptures tell us that God created man a little lower than angels and give him dominion that God created man in his own image. If we really believe in all wise all powerful all loving Creator then we are in a position to draw some logical conclusions about that which has created-man. In the first place such an all wise and all powerful Creator would not turn out inferior products any more than a master painter would paint inferior canvases.

Such a Creator would not deliberately engineer his product to fail any more than a manufacturer would deliberately build failure into an automobile. The fundamentalists tell us that man chief purpose and reason for living is to Glorify God and the humanists tell us that man primary purpose is to express himself fully.

However if we take the premise that God is a loving Creator and has the same interest in his Creation that an earthy father has in his children then it seems to me that the fundamentalists and the humanists are saying the same thing. What brings more glory ,pride and satisfaction to a father than seeing his offspring do well,succeed and express full of their talents? Have you ever sat by father of the football during a game? Jesús expressed the same thought when he told us not to hide our light under a bushel but to let our light shine so that the Father may be glorified.




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The experts at help you to channelize the lowest point into the greatest motivation of your life.

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