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It is almost impossible to avoid a dependent relationship on money because it is very hard to love money without wanting more of it. All one can do is attempt to limit the aspect of dependency to a minimum. Be happy if money has come to you but never kill yourself worrying about not having enough money, or spending it, otherwise you will have less and less of it. If a person does not earn much money they probably make the mistake of complaining that they never have enough because the parameters of this type of thought energy correspond to life lines in which there is no wealth.

It is particularly dangerous to give in to an anxiety that your income is gradually decreasing. Fear represents the most energetically intense emotion a human being can experience and so when a person fears losing money or not earning enough money they activate the most effective method there is for shifting to life lines where they really do have less and less money. Freeing oneself from the money trap is difficult but it can be done. First the cause of the excess potential has to be eliminated, which will either be strong dependency on money, or a very intense desire to have money.

Start by accepting and enjoying what you already have. Remember that things could always be worse. You do not have to stop wanting money entirely but you can relax about the fact that it is not rolling in with the force of a gushing river.

Take the position of the gambler who could at any moment just as easily hit the jackpot as lose everything.

For pendulums, money is a universal means of rewarding their adherents. It is the activity of pendulums that has led to the widespread idolization of money.

Money helps us to provide a good life for ourselves in the material world. Almost anything can be bought and sold. All pendulums use money as payment and there is a hidden danger in this. Having taken the falsely glittering bait it is easy to switch to a life line that lies far away from your true happiness.

In pursuing their own interests, pendulums have created the myth that in order to achieve your goals you have to have money. As a result, people replace their original goal with the artificial substitute of money. Money can be gained from different pendulums and so people shift their focus from the goal to money and come under the influence of a pendulum that is alien to them. People then lose a sense of what they really want from life and focus on the fruitless search for money. This state of affairs is very profitable for the pendulum but not so profitable for the individual who becomes dependent and loses their way. No-one will ever make a lot of money working for a pendulum that functions outside of the context of their true purpose because they just end up serving someone else’s objective. A lot of people live in exactly this position. This is how the myth arose that wealth is the privilege of the minority. In actual fact anyone can become rich if they serve their own goals.

Money is not the goal nor is it really even the means to reaching the goal. It is simply an accompanying attribute. The goal is what a person really wants in life such as to have their own house and grow roses; travel the world and visit faraway places; catch trout in Alaska; go skiing in the Alps; raise horses on their own farm; enjoy life on their own oceanic island; become a movie star or an artist.

It is true that certain goals can be achieved if you have a sack of money so this is what the majority of people do; they go after that sack. By focusing on the money they put the goal itself on the back burner. According to the principles of Transurfing, this is like trying to get onto a life line where a sack of money awaits but you find it almost impossible to get there because you are working for someone else’s pendulum. In the end, the person loses out both on the money and their own goal because their thought energy is focused on a substitute for their true purpose.

We will return to this issue in the chapter “Goals and Doors”. For now we can draw one general conclusion which is that if you have placed the likelihood of achieving your goal on the condition of getting rich first, drop the condition fast.

Let us take an example. If your dream is to travel round the world then obviously this requires a lot of money. To fulfil you dream do not think about the money; keep your thoughts on the original goal. The money will come to you because it is an accompanying attribute to the goal. It is really very simple. It sounds unlikely I know but this is really how things work and soon you will realise that for yourself. In pursuing their own end, pendulums have turned everything upside down. It is not that the goal is achieved with the help of money but rather the money that follows on as you create the path to your goal.

Now you can see just what a powerful influence pendulums have and how many seeds have been sewn for myths and misunderstandings. Reading these lines you may object that it is obvious that first a person becomes a large industrialist or a banker or a film star and then they become a millionaire. It is true that those who become millionaires are those who think not of wealth but of following their own goal. The majority of people think and do the opposite.

They either serve someone else’s goal, replacing their own with an artificial substitute, or renounce their own dream entirely because the condition of having to be rich first seems unachievable.

In actual fact there are no limitations to wealth. You can desire anything you want. If it is truly yours to have you will receive it. If the goal has been imposed upon you by a pendulum you will not get anywhere. We will talk about goals in more detail later. I am rushing ahead a little but that is unavoidable because there is not anything else to be said about money. Money is nothing more than an accompanying attribute on the path to your goal. Do not worry about money and it will come to you of its own accord. The most important thing now is to reduce the importance of capital to a minimum so that you do not create excess potential. Think only of the thing you wish to achieve.

At the same time, you should be attentive to money and treat it carefully. If you see a small coin on the street and are too lazy to pick it up, it suggests that you do not respect money at all. The money pendulum will hardly be well disposed towards you if you treat its attributes carelessly.

Neither should you worry about spending money because this is a necessary part of fulfilling your mission. If you have made the decision to spend money on something have no regrets. When you try to save up a handsome sum and spend as little as possible you create strong excess potential because energy has been built up in one place. In this case it is highly likely that you could lose everything. Money should be spent wisely to keep a flow going as potential appears where there is no flow of energy. Wealthy people support charities with good reason as it reduces the excess potential of their accumulated wealth.




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