Resentment and Judgement

8 min readOct 29, 2023

We will begin with resentment of self. This feeling arises when a person is unfulfilled by their personal achievements and qualities, and finds it hard to accept their own weaknesses. It is quite possible to be conscious of your own shortcomings without inflating them into a complex. If you are intensely focused on your own foibles, excess potential will be created. Balanced forces immediately get to work to eliminate the potential. Their action can be focused either on developing certain new qualities or on battling with the original weakness. People have a tendency to work with one or the other depending on their nature. Most often a person chooses to battle with the less attractive parts of themselves and their position turns against them. There is no point in trying to hide weaknesses, and overcoming them can be tricky. Trying to hide them only creates the opposite effect which makes the situation even worse.

For example,

when a shy person makes an effort to hide their shyness they can come across as very held back or, on the contrary, excessively cheeky.

If a person is dissatisfied with their achievements to the degree that it serves as motivation for self-improvement then balance is not disturbed. The outside world is not affected and the inner shift towards balance is established via by positive action. If a person starts upsetting themselves, beating themselves up, or even worse, punishing themselves, then a destructive dialogue between heart and mind is created. The heart is self-sufficient, perfect and does not deserve to be treated so harshly. All shortcomings that a person acquires are shortcomings of the mind, not the soul. You could write a whole book on just the connection between the heart and mind. Suffice to say, that conflict between the heart and the mind is greatly undermining. If reason dominates and the soul closes in on itself life can become chaotic. To avoid having to turn to a psychotherapist further down the road, let yourself go and forgive yourself for your perceived imperfections. Even if you have not yet learned to love yourself, you can at least refrain from fuelling the inner battle of self-criticism and accept yourself the way you are. Only then can the heart be the mind’s ally, and what a powerful ally it is.

“Ok”, you say, “if I let go and leave all my imperfections in peace how then will I acquire the better qualities I wish to have? I do not want to stop developing”. This is not about having to give up the striving to embody whatever qualities you admire. It is about giving up the war with self over your perceived imperfections. When you wage war on yourself with constant criticism you waste energy by supporting something which is not so much futile as harmful because of the excess potential it creates. When you finally stop battling, energy is freed up that can be channelled into self-development.

Although this may all sound incredibly simple many people do in fact use up a colossal amount of energy battling against themselves, trying to hide their shortcomings. They are like titans committing themselves to a lifetime of carrying a heavy load. All they have to do is lay down the heavy burden, be themselves, and then life would become noticeably easier and simpler. Energy could then be transferred from battling with imperfection to developing more worthy qualities and the quality of this new energy would correspond to life lines where positive characteristics outweigh weaknesses. Think about it. How can you shift to a life line where your body is in good shape if all your thoughts centre on your physical shortcomings? You end up getting what you decisively do not want.

When you are dissatisfied with yourself you enter into conflict with your soul.

When you are dissatisfied with the world around you, you end up entering into conflict with a large number of pendulums. As you know, there is absolutely nothing to be gained from succumbing to their influence, and waging war on them does not even bare thinking about.

Dissatisfaction represents an energetic vibration, whose frequency matches life lines where the thing you are dissatisfied with is ever more clearly present.

Being pulled to these life lines makes you become even more dissatisfied and the vicious circle continues until you reach a life line where you are old and ill, incapable of changing anything for the better, with comfort only to be found in grumbling at the world together with others who are the same and sharing memories of how much better things used to be in the good old days.

Every generation is certain that life is worse today than it used to be, but the truth of the matter is, that life has only become worse for one generation, or more specifically, for those among that generation who wallow in their own discontentment. If life were gradually getting worse with every generation, there would come a point at which humanity would be doomed to living hell. A sorry image, is it not? Wallowing is one aspect of discontentment that makes life appear as if it is gradually getting worse.

The other side to the harmful habit of expressing intolerance is that it disturbs the balance. Lack of acceptance creates excess potential in a person’s energy space irrespective of whether the response is justified or not. Excess potential generates balanced forces that strive to restore equilibrium. It would be wonderful if the impact of these forces changed every situation for the better.

Unfortunately, it is often the other way around. Balanced forces besiege you so that your complaints about life will have as little weight as possible. This is much simpler than changing all the things about life that you are dissatisfied with. Imagine what would happen if a leader fervently expressed their displeasure at everything taking place in their country. It would not matter whether the leader’s intentions were good or bad. History is filled with examples of political leaders who have behaved in such a way and have either been removed from government or physically annihilated as a result.

Generally speaking, when a person creates excess potential the impact of balanced forces is aimed at reducing their influence on the world. This can easily be achieved in many ways such as via social status, work, income, home, family, health, etc. Now you can see why the older generation lives the life it does.

If you take pleasure in life it might seem logical after what has been said above, that balanced forces would be motivated to ruin everything or push you away but this is not how things work, unless of course, joyfulness has been reduced to foolish rapture or wide-eyed enthusiasm. Firstly, a happy person transmits creative energy which shifts them onto positive life lines, and secondly, creative energy does not create the destructive potential that balanced forces strive to eliminate. It is no coincidence that different philosophies and religions have pronounced love in the universal meaning of the word to be the force that created the world. Balanced forces are a product of that same creative force. They simply strive to maintain order and are not capable of turning against the very energy that created them.

From the point of view of Transurfing, the habit of expressing displeasure at little things is harmful and undermining, whereas the habit of taking pleasure in tiny details is empowering. For this reason the technique is aimed at substituting the former habit with the latter.

The technique is very simple. However banal it sounds, every cloud has a silver lining. If you set yourself the task of looking for the positive in every negative situation you encounter, you will find that it is not actually that difficult to do. It can even be a kind of game. If you play the game consistently, the old habit will be replaced by the new one, which will be of great benefit to you personally but a nightmare for destructive pendulums!

If something terrible happens which it would be unnatural to see positively,follow the example of King Solomon. King Solomon wore a ring with the inscription “This too shall pass” on the inside edge of the ring so that no-one else would see it. When the king suffered misfortune or came up against a complex problem he would turn the ring over and read the words of the inscription.

The habit of expressing disapproval has developed under the influence of destructive pendulums that feed on negative energy. Once looking for thepositive in life has become a habit you will generate positive energy which will build up into a powerful flow carrying you on to positive life lines.

If you are inspired by the prospect and consistently practice the technique of substituting one focus with another, from time to time you will notice that it is taking less conscious effort and as the habit becomes more deeply rooted you will eventually forget altogether that you once had a habit you wanted to change.

As soon as you weaken, a pendulum will find a reason to upset you and you will observe that once again you have given it your energy. Do not be disappointed if this happens. If your intention is strong you will get there and eventually destructive pendulums will leave you alone. All you have to do is keep reminding yourself of your original intention.

We are all guests in this world and no-one has the right to judge that which they did not create. This statement should particularly be taken in the light of relationships with pendulums. As has already been said, you only make things worse for yourself if you start fighting a destructive pendulum that is causing you resentment. You do not have to play the obedient sheep but neither should you enter into open confrontation with the world around you. If a pendulum conflicts with you personally you can apply the methods of defeating or stilling it. When the pendulum tries to draw you into a fight with another pendulum try to remain self-aware and ask yourself, whether doing so would be of any personal benefit.

Returning to the metaphor of visiting an exhibition with pictures that you do not like, the saying “Make yourself at home, but don’t forget you are a guest” is very fitting. No-one has the right to judge but everyone has freedom of choice. If you fervently express your discontent the pendulum benefits, but if you quietly walk away and visit a different exhibit, you will benefit. I hear you ask: “But what if there is nowhere else to go? That there is no alternative is a misconception instilled by the pendulum and this book is dedicated to the task of ridding the reader of this false limiting belief.




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