Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

4 min readOct 29, 2023

Pendulum is acquiring the ability to solve all kinds of problems: complicated situations in your personal life, conflict, unfavorable circumstances or simply a set task. There are always simple solutions to complex problems. The key to solving a problem always lies somewhere on the surface, the question is how to spot it. The pendulum that creates the problem obscures your vision, making it harder to find the key.

The goal of a destructive pendulum is always to feed on your energy. To do this it has to attune the vibration of your thought energy to the frequency of the problem and keep it there. This is easy to do if you are convinced that the problem is complex. If you accept the game rules, the pendulum will take you by the hand and lead you into an intricate labyrinth. Only later will you look back in hindsight and see how easily the mystery could have been solved.If you play on someone’s complexes by scaring, worrying or confusing them, they will take the bait and readily agree how complicated the problem really is.

You do not even have to scare a person to achieve the same effect. Most people will agree that there are no easy solutions to the majority of their problems. We are all constantly confronted with difficulties of some kind over the course of our lives, especially when we face something new or unfamiliar. Approaching problems with anxiety or even a reverential fear is for most people a deeply rooted habit. When weighing up their ability to deal with a problem most people verge on the side of self-doubt. Consequently, all this anxiety is an excellent puppet string.

A pendulum can act via its adherents, i.e. people who are connected with a particular problem as well as non-living objects. The pendulum holds a person’s thought energy at a certain frequency, sucking their energy whilst they carry the burden of the problem. You might think that focusing on the problem would help you to concentrate on finding a solution to it, and yet the opposite happens; it actually hinders you from finding a solution.

The pendulum focuses our thinking on a very narrow sector of the informational field. As a result, a person thinks and acts within the limits of a narrow corridor, unable to see the bigger picture or perceive the solution which may well lie outside that sector of the information field. Unusual or intuitive solutions often present themselves when you free yourself from the pendulum and are able to think in a different way. The secret of genius lies in remaining free from the influence of pendulums. While the thought energy of most people is held at certain frequencies by pendulums, the thought energy of a genius is free to attune itself to different frequencies and move into unexplored areas of the information field.

The way to avoid getting caught in the pendulum’s snare is to keep whatever problem you are dealing with in perspective and remain aware of the pendulum’s intent to trick you into playing its game. Rent yourself out–be detached. Try looking at the situation as if you had no emotional attachment to it. Act as you normally would but remain observant, don’t play the game. Remember that the pendulum wants to take you by the hand and lead you into a complex labyrinth.

Do not let the problem get a hold on you, scare, worry, or confuse you. Just remember that there is always a straightforward solution to every problem. Do not accept the “complicated” interpretation projected by the pendulum.

If you are confronted with a problem or tricky situation, be aware of yourattitude towards it. Even though the problem may stir up feelings of confusion,fear, resentment, despair and so on, it is important to change your initial attitude to the exact opposite because then the problem will either disappear by itself or you will quickly find a simple solution to it. Despite the stereotypes and habits you have already adopted, try to regard any problems you encounter as just another part of the road you are walking along, like any other aspect of it, rather than as obstacles that must be overcome. Do not take the problem onboard so that it occupies your inner space. Be empty to the problem.

If you have to solve a challenging problem remember that you do not have to rely solely on logical reasoning. Your subconscious is directly linked to the information field where the solution to any potential problem already exists.

Relax; release any fear or anxiety you may have been experiencing in connection

with the issue, confident in the knowledge that the solution already exists. Let go. Quiet the chatter of the mind and contemplate the nature of emptiness. It is very likely that the solution will come to you instantly, and it will probably be very simple. If this does not work, do not give up returning immediately to the rational thinking process. Try the exercise again. You will probably find that it works the second time. This exercise develops the ability to obtain knowledge intuitively. You just have to make it a habit.

This method really does work if you are able to stay detached and free yourself from the pendulum. This is not always easy but later in the book you will discover new methods for dealing with pendulums. For now we are just at the beginning of the Transurfing technique. Are you feeling as if I have taken you by the hand and am leading you into a labyrinth? Stay free, even of those who preach to you of freedom.




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