Superiority and Inferiority

7 min readOct 30, 2023


Feelings of superiority and inferiority are indicative of dependent relationships. When you compare your own qualities to those of others you inevitably create excess potential. On an energetic level it makes no difference whether you express you superiority publicly, or just secretly congratulate yourself on being better than others. Quite obviously, open expressions of superiority cause others to dislike you. People who make comparisons are often striving to artificially boost their own ego at the cost of others. This kind of behaviour always creates excess potential, even if it is just a shadow of the arrogance that is not expressed openly, and balanced forces will come in with a slap.

People compare themselves to the world around them as a means of establishing a sense of their own self worth. However, this type of self-assertion is as illusory as a fly trying to force its way through a pane of glass when the window next to it is wide open. When a person strives to prove their importance to the world, energy is wasted on supporting excess potential. Working on self development, on the other hand, creates real virtues; no energy is wasted and no harmful excess potential created.

You might think that the amount of energy spent on making a comparison is minimal. In actual fact the energy involved is more than enough to support a relatively powerful charge of excess potential. What determines the charge is how you direct your energy. If your goal is to develop certain qualities in yourself then this intention will propel you forwards. If however, your goal is to demonstrate all your ‘regalia’ to the rest of the world, you wheels will spin helplessly as if caught in a deep rut, going nowhere but creating an irregularity in the energy field. The world will be ‘stunned’ by the shining regalia and balanced forces will take effect. The forces do not have a lot of choice. They can either freshen up the colours of the external world which has been paled by comparison, or reduce the shine of the misplaced star. The first option is of course far too labour intensive and so it only leaves the second. Balanced forces have numerous ways of doing things. They do not have to deprive the ambitious star of its regalia. They can simply send them an unpleasant situation to bring them down a peg or two.

We often perceive problems, obstacles and misfortune to be integral parts of the world we live in. No-one is at all surprised that difficulties, small and large,accompany them throughout their lives. We have all adopted the view that this is the way of the world. In actual fact, misfortune is an anomaly and not a normal phenomenon. Often it is not possible to find a logical explanation for why a problem occurred and why it happened to you in particular. The majority of unpleasant moments we experience are generated by the actions of balanced forces as part of their function in eliminating excess potential created either by you or those in your immediate environment. Most people are unaware of the fact that they have created excess potential and that balanced forces exist and so interpret the problems they face to be the manifestation of some unavoidable dark force.

You can eliminate the majority of the problems you usually face if you relieve yourself of the colossal effort of supporting excess potential. A huge amount of energy is wasted on excess potential that often produces a result which represents the complete opposite of your original intention. To free yourself from the action of balanced forces you have to stop buzzing like a fly against a pane of glass. Switch your intention from increasing your own sense of self importance to developing the qualities you admire.

You also have to let go of any lurking idea that you are capable of controlling the external world. Irrespective of your place on the social ladder, if you believe you can manipulate the world around you things will definitely go wrong because attempts to change the world destroy the balance. Interference with the workings of the world has a negative affect on the interests of the majority.

Transurfing enables you to choose your destiny without compromising anyone else’s interests. This is ultimately much more effective than storming ahead and overcoming all the obstacles in your way. Your fate is truly in your hands but only in the sense that it has been given to you to choose it rather than change it.

Many people have suffered failure because they have taken the idea of creating your own destiny literally. There is no place for battle in Transurfing, so you can lay down the weapons of war with relief.

Refusing to behave with superiority has nothing to do with self-deprecation.

Belittling your own worth is just the other side of the coin. On an energetic level it is irrelevant which extreme of the complex you embody. The size of the potential created is in direct proportion to the extent with which a person’s evaluation of the world differs from reality. When balanced forces encounter self-importance they knock it off its pedestal. In the case of an inferiority complex they force a person to raise their falsely reduced sense of worth.

Balanced forces act directly and without concern for the subtleties of humanrelationships, and so often, once they start having an impact, a person begins to act less naturally, highlighting the aspects of themselves they would prefer to hide all the more.

For example, teenagers can be defiant as a way of compensating for their feelings of insecurity. Shy people can act in an overly overt fashion in order to hide their shyness. People with low self-esteem want to put their best side forward and so often behave in a manner which is affected and tense, etc.

Whatever your psychological make-up, trying to battle against a complex can be more complicated and lead to more unpleasant consequences than the complex itself.

As you know, trying to hide a complex or battling against an inferiority complex is futile. The only way of mitigating its consequences is to eliminate the complex altogether which is no easy task. There is no point in repeatedly telling yourself that everything is wonderful because you cannot fool yourself. The slide technique can be helpful though and we will come to that later.

At this stage it is enough to establish the fact that a preoccupation with your own shortcomings in comparison to the qualities of others has the same effect as desiring to illustrate your comparative eminence. The result will be the opposite of what you originally intended. Do not think that others around you attribute to your shortcomings the same meaning that you do. Everyone is mostly concerned with themselves, and so you can freely relieve yourself of a huge burden. Excess potential will dissipate, balanced forces will cease from accentuating the situation and the freed energy can be used for self-development.

Rather than fighting your flaws or trying to hide them, they can be compensated for with other qualities. Charm can compensate for a lack of physical beauty. There are people who are relatively unattractive in their external appearance but who enthral others with their words. Self-confidence also compensates for physical flaws and many great historical figures were no picture to look at!

The inability to communicate freely can be compensated for by being a good listener: As the saying goes “They’re all lying, but it doesn’t matter because no one is listening”. Your eloquence may interest people but only to a lesser degree.

Everyone, just like you, is focused on themselves and their problems and so a good listener who will let you pour your heart out to them is a real treasure. To those who are genuinely shy, take my advice; guard this quality like a precious jewel. Believe me, there is a hidden charm to shyness. When you let go of fighting your shyness it will stop coming across as clumsiness and you will notice how people begin to find you more attractive.

Here is another example of how one quality compensates for another. The conditioned need to “be cool” often causes people to imitate those individuals who have already achieved the status of being “cool”. To mindlessly copy someone else’s script creates nothing more than a parody. Everyone has their own script. All you need to do is choose your own credo and live by it. To imitate others in an attempt to gain the status of being “cool” is like using the method of the fly beating itself up against the window pane. For example, in a group of teenagers the leader will be the one who lives according to their own beliefs. The leader is therefore free not to take advice from others on how they should act. The leader does not need to imitate anyone; they simply have a worthy opinion of themselves. They know what they are doing; they do not need to suck up to anyone or prove anything to anybody. The leader is therefore free of excess potential and receives the deserved advantage. In any group the leader is always the person who lives according to their own beliefs. When a person has freed themselves from the burden of excess potential they have nothing to prove.

They have an inner freedom, are self-sufficient and have more energy than those around them. These qualities give them the advantage of becoming leader.

Can you see where the open window is? Maybe you think that these types of dynamic do not concern you and that you don’t suffer from issues like these. Do not deceive yourself. Everyone to some degree or another has a tendency to create excess potential in the energy fields around them but if you follow the principles of Transurfing, complexes of inferiority or superiority will simply vanish from your life




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