The Mechanism of Letting Go

Letting go involves being aware of feeling. Letting it come up staying with it and letting it run its course without wanting to make it different or do anything about is.It means simply to let the feeling be there and to focus on letting out the energy behind it.The first step is to allow yourself to have the feeling without resisting it venting it condemning it or moralizing about. It means to drop judgment and to see that is just a feeling. The technique is to be with the feeling and surrender all efforts to modify it in any way. Let go of wanting to resist the feeling. It is resistance that keeps the feeling going. When you give up resisting or trying to modify the feeling it will shift to the next feeling and be companied by a lighter sensation feeling that is not resisted will disappear as the energy behind it dissipates.

As you begins the process you will notice that you have fear and guilt over having feelings there will be resistance to feelings in general.To let feelings come up it is easier to let go of the reaction to having the feelings at first place.A fear of fear itself is a prime example of this. Let go of the fear or guilt that you have about the feeling first and then get into the feeling itself

When letting go ignore all thoughts. Focus on the feeling itself not on the thoughts. Thoughts are endless and self reinforcing and they only breed more thoughts. Thoughts are merely rationalizations of the mind to try and explain the presence of the feeling. The real reason for the feeling is the accumulated pressure behind the feeling that it is forcing it come up in the moment. The thoughts or external events are only an excuse made up by the mind.

As we become more familiar with letting go it will be noticed that all negative feelings are associated with our basic fear related to survival and that all feelings are merely survival programs that the mind believes are necessary .The letting go technique undoes the programs progressively. Through that process the underlying motive behind the feelings becomes more and more apparent

To be surrendered means to have no strong emotion about a thing:
“it is okay if it happens and vice versa “.When we are free there is letting go of the attachment can enjoy a thing but we don't need it for our happiness




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The experts at help you to channelize the lowest point into the greatest motivation of your life.

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