You get what you do not want

3 min readOct 28, 2023


Pendulum can be powered both by its supporters and its

opponents. Loss of energy on behalf of an adherent is just half the story. If a

pendulum is sufficiently destructive it can damage a person’s welfare and future.

Everyone is confronted with negative information or a challenging event at

some time of another. Bad news and unfortunate events are provocation on the

part of the pendulum. People obviously do not want to have this negativity in

their lives, but generally speaking they always respond in one of two ways. If the

information they receive is not too hurtful they let it go and it is quickly

forgotten. If the provocative information is annoying or frightening, i.e. touches

a chord in a person’s soul, then their mental energy is captured in the

pendulum’s loop and the person is attuned to the resonance frequency.

Events then unfold fairly predictably. The person gets angry, worried and

afraid, expresses their upset in an agitated fashion, and in general, actively

radiates energy at the frequency of the destructive pendulum. Not all the

negative energy is harvested by the pendulum. Some of it radiates out to sectors

in the alternatives space that correspond to the quality of the person’s thought

energy which facilitates a shift to a life line where what the person would rather

avoid is to be found in excess. If you remember, when a person’s thought energy

is attuned to a certain frequency, they shift to a corresponding life line. A

pendulum ensnares a person’s thought energy holding it at a certain frequency.

This is what is so destructive about the role of a pendulum.

For example, generally we let information about accidents and disasters passus by. If we are not directly affected, why upset ourselves unnecessarily? As a

rule, when you hear the news, a disaster is taking place somewhere in the world

but you are on a life line where you play the role of witness rather than victim.

The line on which you are the victim is somewhere further away. Conversely, if

you allow yourself to take on board information about disaster and misfortune

and discuss it with friends, it is quite possible that you will soon shift to a life

line where you may well end up in the role of the victim.

The stronger your desire to avoid something, the more likely it is that you will

encounter it. To actively fight against what you do not want in your life is to

make every effort to ensure that it is present in your life. You do not have to take

any specific action to shift onto undesired life lines. It is enough to think

negative thoughts and then fertilize them with emotion. When you do not want

there to be bad weather you think about how much you dislike rain. Noisy

neighbours wear you down and you end up arguing with them all the time or

silently hating them. You are afraid of something and the fact greatly concerns

you, or you have had enough of your present job and savour your dislike for it.

Everywhere you are pursued by exactly the very thing you do not want, that

you fear, hate or despise. There may be other things that you would also like to

avoid, but because you are not investing any negative emotion into them they do

not appear in your life. Once you let the thing you do not want into your life,

associate feelings of hostility with it, and indulge in those feelings, it will

instantly become a physical reality within your life layer.

The only way to eliminate the things you do not want from your life is to break

free from the influence of the pendulum that has seized your thought energy and

from then on, avoid responding to its provocation or getting pulled into its game.

You can free yourself from a pendulum’s influence in two ways by defeating it or by stopping its sway.




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